Thursday, April 10, 2014

Getting better at learning

I think I've built up a pretty sophisticated practice for learning, development and personal change over the last five or so years.

Which I guess is just the practice of influencing 'me'.

I'm pretty savvy with habit formation, developing simple frameworks to guide intended actions, kaizen and lean learning through rapid iteration cycles, different methods for learning content, GTD everything, visualisation and channeling role models, operating in complex environments, diminishing returns on investment... these are just the things I've written about or drew on today (that I can think of).

Whatever it is I want to be or do, I'm pretty comfortable that I can map out a way to get there, or at least somewhere close enough, or close enough to my potential to say QED.

I look back at my enthusiastic efforts to systematically create myself, of only four years ago, and it seems like another world.  I was a crazy man!  How could I drive so much enthusiasm into travelling round in circles!?  I'd say my capacity for learning is an order of magnitude better than back then.

But even so, I look at where I am, and everything I want to be is still light years away...  or at least one, or two, or ten years...  It's hard work, all this change!  And it's never ending.  There is always a lifetime of change around the corner that I don't even know about yet.

Still.  How much bloody harder was it four years ago?  How much harder must it be for those that don't have the tools that I do know?  How on earth do people get on?

And what must it be like for those who are so much better at it than me?  What is it like to be an order of magnitude better again?  Does it get easy?

If you're one of those amazing people out there then please, say hello.  I have so much to learn from you!

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