Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking ahead to 2013 together

It's been too long, too much has happened... even I have struggled to stay in the loop.  So instead of a recap - a few quick comments on 2013 ahead.

I'm setting up a business.  Still in alpha: a mission-driven enterprise to realise the positive potential of changes in the ways we work.  Communities, networks, agility and collaboration... all that stuff I do.  But more than anything, providing support to those contributing to this vision.  I'm pretty excited about this one - nearly as excited as I am about what the experience will hold.

The first big project will be a book, also in alpha: Collaborative Communities 101.  To help potential agents of the future and develop collective literacy... by making the essentials accessible: the core that an agent needs in the emerging collaborative future.

I'd be grateful if you could kindly keep me accountable to my part in these - making sure they happen.  And also to my four focus areas - resolutions if you'd like:

  • be a good person - be genuine, kind and serve others
  • think big and lead - look at the bigger future, and be compelling in inviting others to join me cocreating it 
  • dedicate - stick with it and do it properly
  • work better, together - stand on others' shoulders and develop capacity collectively

Let's have a wonderful 2013 together.


  1. Book sounds good, but would be even better if done whilst doing, right. You're into community, change making, well Adam Bandt has just advertised for a community organiser - pretty cool gig for someone serious about community stuff.

    1. Thanks for the steer Anonymous! It does sound like a really interesting position and 12 months ago I may have jumped at it... as you've read though, 2013 is about setting up my own business.

      Not ruling out employment for the future (although I can't think of much that would make it a good option - except catastrophically failing at my plans for life), but I'll need a very compelling opportunity to abandom my current plans for 2013. You wouldn't want me to give up now, would you?

  2. No, I wouldn't want you to do that - ever. Giving up is for people who lack imagination, that isn't you, now, is it? Resetting is the way forward, not giving up - don't you think? And I believe in you - always have.