Wednesday, May 9, 2012

exploring visual communication

I've been keeping myself busy exploring different ways of working, including my communication skills. In particular, how I can translate my thoughts into more visual or blended forms.  Hanging around with designers has highlighted how broad the options are - and how much more persuasive and engaging different forms can be.

I have been drawing pictures to go with this blog - admittedly very rough, but they are easier than poaching stuff from online, get me practicing, and work fine to break up the text.

I have been converting my note-taking practices into more refined concept overviews.  This basically involves being clearer, and using images and visual tools more imaginatively.  These notes on Damian Kernahan's (@protopartners) presentation at Service Design 2012 are a good example. (It was a great session by the way! I look forward to being able to engage with Damian more in future.)

My handiwork has really deteriorated since being a bit of a drawer as a child - you can see I struggle with the sharpie.

I will also be exploring how I can use Prezi more - I think it suits my style which is very text-based, but also revolves around logical connections between ideas.  I tried it here to express a couple of thoughts on fostering the Adelaide innovation community.  It took a very long time (for what is essentially a copy of 5 minutes worth of hand written notes), but seems clear, and I think is a good start for presenting ideas in a professional electronic manner.

My modus operandi is still to take text-based notes and convert to different forms, but I'm interested to watch whether this changes.


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  5. Not sure I get your comment about not being up to date. Have you had a breakthrough with TACSI?

    Had a thought this morning that you should connect with David Hood - he's building communities too. You could work together and really get some momentum. He cant pay someone and you're looking to volunteer! Would be awesome. I think social entrepreneurs and change makers could be so much more effective is there was more collaboration, more looking at similarities etc and pooling resources and less competing for same community. More integration. Not sure I'm making the point well - but it's about scale, and looking to build a type of community
    that values social change rather than doing so though themes. What do you think?

  6. My apologies for being unclear (and on second reading sounds aggressive too!). I was just referring to the couple crush.

    I very much agree with David's philosophies on change and have drawn a lot of inspiration from him and from sources he's thrown my way. I'm doing a bit of work with him at the moment actually. My involvement with the Collab is a big part of the inspiration for the 'revelation' I wrote about just after this post, that I presume is where you made the connection from? (