Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Slack blogging

I've neglected this blog a bit and that definitely needs to change.

I chatted with a friend this evening about professional referees. I asked whether he would feel able to do so, given our interactions over the past few months, and my concern that it would be difficult to communicate the value of what I've been involved in.

Being the kind soul he is, he of course said yes. But the insight he offered - as usual - was much more valuable.

He pointed out that developing an online presence will speak for itself.  That in particular, something as simple as blogging - i.e. simply keeping it up - is a great record of where you've been, and how you have processed and learnt from your experience.

This is not rocket science. But it is science that I haven't applied yet.

I consciously created this blog as a ready point of connection to my thoughts - and it has proven useful for that.  But I have since been caught up in doing things, rather than just thinking them, and engaging people directly. This is a positive sign - I count it as progress against my 'resolutions' - but I've lost track of the value of having this point of connection.  And in particular, having a record of what has been going on.  Believe me, I haven't been slack for lack of anything to say!

It really should be obvious! The blog is such a neat fit for reinforcing and illustrating these experiences. But sometimes it takes someone else's contribution to put two and two together.  Cheers!

John Baxter

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